Tickable object owned by the UCohtmlSystemEngineSubsystem and used to broadcast a delegate that happens right after the World Tick Groups.

Inherits from FTickableGameObject

Public Functions

virtual voidTick(float DeltaTime) override
virtual boolIsTickable() const override
virtual boolIsTickableInEditor() const override
virtual boolIsTickableWhenPaused() const override
virtual TStatIdGetStatId() const override

Public Functions Documentation

function Tick

inline virtual void Tick(
    float DeltaTime
) override

function IsTickable

inline virtual bool IsTickable() const override

function IsTickableInEditor

inline virtual bool IsTickableInEditor() const override

function IsTickableWhenPaused

inline virtual bool IsTickableWhenPaused() const override

function GetStatId

inline virtual TStatId GetStatId() const override