Inherits from UEngineSubsystem

Public Functions

virtual voidInitialize(FSubsystemCollectionBase & Collection) override
virtual voidDeinitialize() override
COHTMLPLUGIN_API voidAdvanceSystem()
COHTMLPLUGIN_API voidSetManualSystemAdvance(bool bManualAdvance)
COHTMLPLUGIN_API UCohtmlSystemEngineSubsystem *Get()
COHTMLPLUGIN_API UE::Tasks::FPipe &GetAdvancePipe()

Public Attributes

COHTMLPLUGIN_API FPostWorldTickGroupsDelegateOnPostWorldTickGroupsDelegate

Public Functions Documentation

function Initialize

virtual void Initialize(
    FSubsystemCollectionBase & Collection
) override

function Deinitialize

virtual void Deinitialize() override

function AdvanceSystem

COHTMLPLUGIN_API void AdvanceSystem()

This method is called once per frame as early as possible, provided the manual System Advance is disabled. When manual System Advance is enabled, clients are expected to call this manually before advancing Cohtml Views.

function SetManualSystemAdvance

COHTMLPLUGIN_API void SetManualSystemAdvance(
    bool bManualAdvance

Enables or disables the manual System Advance.

function Get

static COHTMLPLUGIN_API UCohtmlSystemEngineSubsystem * Get()

function IsValid

static COHTMLPLUGIN_API bool IsValid()

function GetAdvancePipe

static inline COHTMLPLUGIN_API UE::Tasks::FPipe & GetAdvancePipe()

Public Attributes Documentation

variable OnPostWorldTickGroupsDelegate

static COHTMLPLUGIN_API FPostWorldTickGroupsDelegate OnPostWorldTickGroupsDelegate;

This delegate will be fired after Unreal Engine World Tick groups have finished ticking for each World. Relies on FTickableGameObject and is used for executing logic that needs to happen right after the World Tick groups.