Release notes


Version 1.39.0

Released 06 Apr 2023
FeatureUnloading of background/border/mask images of elements hidden with display:none
FeatureAdded a library option to expose a JavaScript API that can force garbage collection
FeatureUnreal EngineAdded integration with the Unreal Engine 5 Text-To-Speech plugin
FeatureUnreal EngineDelegate for OnNavigateTo
FeatureUnityUse C# controlled threads for layout and resource tasks
FeatureAdded full page capture to serialize a loaded page for debugging purposes
EnhancementImproved speed of creating custom elements
EnhancementOptimized string storage of script contents
EnhancementChanged engine.whenReady to be invoked before visual resources are loaded for more optimized initialization of the DOM
EnhancementReduced memory taken by layout styles
EnhancementDecreased memory consumption for SDF glyphs
EnhancementRemove additional memory allocation for texture update
EnhancementAllow elements with coh-composition-id to be rendered offscreen and not rerendered when only their transformation is changed
EnhancementAdd a AltGr key support and AltGraph modifier to EventModifierState
EnhancementImplement support for nested clipPath elements in SVG elements
EnhancementEnhance stroke rounded rects to use geometry instead of paths
EnhancementUnreal EngineRemoved usages of AddToRoot and RemoveFromRoot
EnhancementUnreal EngineAdd AltGr key input handling
FixUnityFix the brightness correction when using Linear color space
FixBackground/border/mask images are now properly released when the style no longer requires them
Fix[Unity[ Fixed the world views adding extra mesh component
FixFixed a crash when using complex text with bitmap font
FixFixed crash when parsing long URL
FixFixed double invoke of UserImageDropped callback during system destruction
FixFixed caret position with text-align right and center
FixFixed borders with border-radius sometimes having incorrect colors
FixFixed parentElement on html element not returning null
FixFixed a crash when firing events on elements with pseudo elements
FixFixed elementFromPoint behavior with pointer-events:none
FixFixed precision on Nintendo Switch
FixFixed display: none sometimes causing redraw
FixFixed assert when SVG root is hidden with display: none
FixFixed text key shortcuts to work as expected with Control, Alt, AltGraph, and Shift modifiers.
FixFixed some letters being interpreted as the newline character in input fields
FixFixed SVG elements not redrawing correctly in some cases
FixFixed a crash when applying white-space property on input elements
FixFixed a deadlock that can occur during loading of images
FixBorders having width less than 1px and using images/gradients as border-image-source are no longer disappearing
FixFixed pausing animation with duration 0 rendering it at the beginning
FixFixed a crash in MediaProvider::OnSeekDataReceived
FixFixed potential crash when destroying Vertex/Index buffers in the backend when using the ViewSettings::ExecuteCommandProcessingWithLayout option.
FixFixed submission validation errors for Sony PlayStation 5
FixFix a crash when nesting elements that use the clip-path property in an SVG
FixFixed potential threading issue when using multiple views along with the ViewSettings::ExecuteCommandProcessingWithLayout option
APIRemoved OnIMEShouldCancelComposition legacy code