Release notes



Released 05 Dec 2022
FeatureAdded mouse event type MouseLeave, which clears hover effects when the mouse leaves the view
FeatureImplemented import.meta.url for ES6 modules for platforms using V8
FeatureImplemented dynamic import for ES6 modules for platforms using V8
FeatureUnreal EngineSupport for Unreal Engine 5.1
EnhancementReduced the amount of log messages caused by unsupported CSS syntax
EnhancementNon-inline SVGs are now shared between DOM elements in order to avoid re-rendering for each individual element
EnhancementUnityMacOS bundles support all CPU architectures
EnhancementFixed possible incorrect generation of “streaks” when tessellating a path for filling. Note that this changes the tessellation result slightly, most noticeable when rasterizing thin fills.
EnhancementImproved error reporting of declaration parsing with custom variables
EnhancementImproved image decoding performance (sped up the automatic premultiplication of the alpha channel by 2x-3x depending on platform)
FixFixed a crash when modifying the DOM of an inline SVG
FixFixed a crash when using events outside of event handlers
FixFixed rem units not working with SVGs
FixFixed a leak when inspector network tab is disabled
Fixtransform: translate/font-size with non-pixel units on SVG elements no longer causes an assert/warning
FixUnityFixed code stripping removing classes or methods for the JIT aware scripting backends
FixFixed a bug where part of the viewport gets clipped when the rendering resolution API is used and the size of the view’s render target is changed
FixUnityFixed a crash when not supported arguments are passed from JavaScript
FixUnityFixed a crash when using HDR on DirectX12 in Unity
FixFixed incorrect sampling of very thin elements using a large scale, that previously led to incorrect interpolation
FixFixed a crash when resolving calc expression with invalid parentheses
FixFixed elements to update their font after registered fonts without explicit font family are loaded
FixFixed scroll juddering when panning with touch or scrolling fast
FixFixed a crash during garbage collector tracing
FixFixed SVG used as masks being partially rendered sometimes
FixUnityRemoved GetNativeTexture call for Linux on each update loop
FixRemoved assert/log errors when an invalid url is provided to properties like background-image
FixThe getAnimations API now takes into account the display property of an element and its parents
FixFixed font family to be case insensitive
FixUnityRemoved redundant View’s BackdropFilter property
FixFixed parsing of inline styles containing various whitespace characters
FixFixed possibly incorrect gradient drawing on PlayStation platforms
FixFixed a crash when command processors are being reused
FixFixed em units to be calculated against the first parent with explicit font-size instead of the direct parent