Release notes



Released 12 Oct 2021
FeatureAdded universal ICU library working natively on Mac OS X with M1 processors
FeatureMade UnityPlugin for Mac an universal library working natively on Mac OS X with M1 processors
FeatureAdd support for tree-structural pseudo class selectors – first-child, last-child, only-child, nth-child
FeatureAdded support for the backdrop-filter CSS property for Native and Unity3D
EnhancementAdded CSSStyleDeclaration.cssText support
EnhancementUnreal EngineAdded an option to install cohtml libraries in the game directory for Unreal Engine
EnhancementAdded a new sample demonstrating an example implementation for the ISubLayerCompositor and its integration into an application
EnhancementImplemented BigInt binding and data binding for numbers representable with 64 bits.
EnhancementUnreal EngineAdded documentation about how individual Texture settings affects Atlas generation and which are the settings that may be ignored
EnhancementApplied several security vulnerability fixes in V8
EnhancementAllowed iteration with for…of for DOM collections
EnhancementImplemented an optimization so that parts of some index buffers are reused and less GPU memory is needed. Read the rendering migration guide.
FixFixed a crash when passing console methods to async JS methods like setTimeout
FixFixed the HTML Parser to not throw warnings on commented code with CSS variables inside
FixFixed |= attribute selector matching elements that should not be matched
FixFixed incorrect sampling coordinates for elements that are partly outside of the viewport, causing “squashing of the image into the visible portion
FixFixed incorrect clipping for elements creating sublayers (e.g. opacity, mix-blend-mode, etc.) that may cause elements disappearing
FixFixed rare occurrence of an assert for trying to destroy a missing texture
FixFixed incorrect passing of options for the rendering library needed for multithreaded awareness. Read the rendering migration guide.
APIRemoved support for ARMv7 processors for iOS

Migration guide


  • In previous versions the LibraryParams::AllowMultipleRenderingThreads was always enabled, now it’ll be off by default. From 1.18.0 the option must be enabled during Library initialization if the game engine has multiple rendering threads to disable incorrect asserts.

  • The PS4 and PS5 shaders have to be compiled with the -indirect-draw flag as Renoir now uses features that require it. The command line options can be passed both to orbis-wave-psslc.exe and prospero-wave-psslc.exe shader compilers.
  • There is a new field in the renoir::RendererCaps structure - SupportsSharedIndexBuffers. The field indicates whether the backend supports using the same index buffer with multiple vertex buffers. In almost all cases this is true, but the Unity C# backend does not support this.