Release notes



Released 10 Sep 2021
EnhancementThe Player now supports Mac M1 natively
EnhancementAdded support for vw, vh, em, rem size units for inline images
EnhancementAdded an option for setting virtual keyboard layout for text to AlphaNumeric in Unreal Engine
EnhancementUnreal Engine4.27 support
EnhancementAdded support for fill-rule attribute in SVGs.
EnhancementAllow usage of element within a element in an SVG.
EnhancementImproved the HTML parser error logging to include better error descriptions
EnhancementUnity3D: Integrate request’s method, body and headers
EnhancementUnity3D: Virtual keyboards for GDK Xbox and Playstation 4/5 consoles.
EnhancementPrevent atlas modifications and show message on screen when Atlas meta-data file is read-only in Unreal Engine
EnhancementAdd a way to load UI from different predefined locations (resource hosts) in Unreal Engine
EnhancementAdd a way to override and reimplement all input processing in Unreal Engine via the Input Preprocessor feature
EnhancementUpdated the Components sample to use the latest version of the coherent-gameface-components
FixFixed occasional video freezes and playback issues
FixFixed a crash when handling JavaScript events
FixFixed asserts when View methods on ChakraCore are called on multiple views.
FixFixed showing nodes after changing their styles while they were hidden using display:none
FixFixed using heading tags with data-bind-for
FixFixed converting JavaScript numbers to integer and unsigned according to ECMA-262.
FixFixed baseline offset for inline images with floating point height
FixFixed cohtml crash for data binding expressions bound to null values.
FixUnreal EngineFixed a crash when UCohtmlWidget::SetReadyForBindings is called with invalid SWidget and View
FixUnreal EngineMade the contained textures inside the Atlas to be Editor only data as they may not be packaged in a Client
FixUnreal EngineFixed DedicatedUIThread map OpenSSL module loading check fail in Debug configs on Sony platforms
FixUnreal EngineUpdate deprecated Shader Platform API Getter
FixUnreal EngineFixed TArray crashes when exposed by cohtml::byRef
FixUnreal EngineFixed failing rebuild of the Cohtml Texture Atlas
FixFixed a crash when an inline SVG node is removed from the DOM and then added again.
FixFix rare crash when parsing inline SVG content.
FixFix broken display of SVG elements when they are added, removed and then readded in the DOM.
FixFixed passing float arrays to CoherentToTransformMatrix2D when using the properties.
FixUnity3D: Fixed gamepad events regression from version
FixUnity3D: Input manager Enter key char code fixed to 13.
FixUnity3D: Fixed CohtmlTouchKeyboard and TextInputHandler code flaws
FixUnity3D: Change system’s resource request calls to be Synchronous
APIUnified the custom CSS properties to have a coh- prefix. font-fit-mode is changed to coh-font-fit-mode. The old names are working, but are deprecated.
APIUnified the custom attributes to have a coh prefix. caretblinkinterval is changed to cohcaretblinkinterval; coh-inline to cohinline; coh-fastseek to cohfastseek. The old names are working, but are deprecated.

Migration guide

  • The renoir::Texture2D structure is changed so that the renoir::Texture2D::WillNeverOverwrite field is removed. Textures that will be changed are marked with renoir::IMP_Dynamic in their renoir::Texture2D::Props field.
  • A new texture flag for the renoir::Texture2D::Props field is introduced – renoir::IMP_InvertAlpha. Textures with this flags are considered with inverted alpha and Renoir will handle them correctly if they need to be drawn. The new image property can also be used for the renoir::ImageInfo::Props field.