Release notes



Released 06 Oct 2020
FeatureAdded support for custom elements upgrading (V1 API)
FeatureAdded support for drawing and styling all HTML tags
FeatureAdded support for break-iterator for Asian text in UnrealEngine 4
EnhancementGPU timing for Nintendo Switch is now available when doing a performance trace in the Inspector
EnhancementAdded packaging of V8 libraries with separated debug symbols for Unix based platforms in UnrealEngine 4
FixFixed a crash in V8 due to double exposing of the same C++ objects
FixFixed a crash when reloading a view with JavaScript breakpoint set at file level
FixFixed color interpolation between semi-transparent colors
FixFixed a rare issue causing nesting of events in the inspector performance timeline
FixFixed frontend and backend inspector performance events not appearing in the timeline
FixFixed disappearing elements when using gradients as masks
FixFixed wrong pending image counter causing an assert failure in Debug
FixFixed the scroll of Computed style panel in Inspector’s Elements tab
FixFix assertion caused by std::function on PlayStation 4
FixFixed crash when game starts with Korean language in UnrealEngine 4
FixFixed crash in Cohtml break-iterators due to incorrect string conversion in UnrealEngine 4