Release notes


Version 1.45.0

Released 05 Sep 2023
FeatureAdded support for SVG border image
FeatureImplemented the queueMicrotask JavaScript function for platforms using V8
FeatureUnreal EngineSupport for Unreal Engine 5.3.0 Preview 1
FeatureAdded support for Lottie animations
FeatureAdded support for conic gradients used as background-image
EnhancementChanged PlayStation 5 Renoir backend to use compute shaders for clearing render targets
EnhancementUnreal EngineReworked the CoherentSample levels showcasing the plugins features
EnhancementUnreal EngineReworked CoherentSample and the plugins includes so they can be compiled without precompiled headers
EnhancementUnreal EngineRefactored Content Browser and Raw Image Importer tool extension code
EnhancementUnreal EngineSimplified the cohtml::System initialization flow for the DedicatedUIThread map
FixFixed stylesheets not being applied in the frame in which the load event is fired
FixFixed link elements not applying styles when changing the href attribute
FixFixed race condition in using resource changelogs
FixFixed wrong clipping which was causing missing elements
FixFixed crash during View initialization on iOS
FixFixed the CohtmlView rendering with CohtmlCanvasRenderer in HDRP and URP modes
FixFixed texts from sometimes disappearing when parent elements change display
FixFixed redrawing SVG shadows
FixFixed a crash when using animations and transitions with negative duration
FixFixed getPropertyValue to look for custom variables in the visible CSS declarations
FixFixed objectBoundingBox mask units when masking transformed content
FixUnreal EngineFixed evaluation copy installer fail when Engine installation is selected
FixUnreal EngineFixed plugins platform defines for platforms XboxOne, XboxOneGDK, and XB1 configurations
FixUnreal EngineFixed crash during OnUserImageDropped callback
FixUnreal EngineRemoved backward compatibility for pre-1.14.3 atlas metadata files
FixFixed potential creation of large textures for composited surfaces. This could be hit if using overflow:scroll on a composited container