Release notes


Version 1.40.0

Released 03 May 2023
FeatureTrack all V8 memory allocations
FeatureAdded ability to extract GPU memory information
FeatureUnreal EngineAdd Bink Video Player sample map
EnhancementAdd the ability to control the rendering library caches in the inspector
EnhancementStart shipping the shaders' source code for the Sony PlayStation 4 and Sony PlayStation 5 platforms.
EnhancementUnitySupport for the GetBoundingRect of NodeProxy method
EnhancementUnreal EngineDocument how to order data binding and View::Advance order
FixFixed a potential crash after a view is destroyed with in-flight resource requests
FixFix a bug with backdrop-filter where the filtered content will continue to be displayed, even if the element has visibility:hidden
FixFix carriage return being wrongly rendered with some fonts
FixFixed text alignment with cohinline
FixFixed upgrading p elements with cohinline
FixFixed parsing of contain:none
FixFixed text sometimes failing to redraw with text-align
FixFixed memory accumulation when using elements with unresolved font
FixFix a potential double user texture wrap in the backend for the use background texture
FixUnityPackage all uiresources library files.
FixUnreal EngineFixed non-unity build compilation errors
FixUnreal EngineFix a DPI scaling of widgets when they are constructed without UUserWidget, but warn for possible improper creation
FixUnreal EngineDedicatedUIThreadHUD now creates it’s texture in PreInitializeComponents which ensures the texture UObject will happen on the appropriate thread

Migration guide

Added new customizable backend logger

With version 1.40 of Gameface, a IBackendLogHandler* LogHandler has been added to the struct BaseBackendSettings. The new setting adds the ability to integrate your logging system in the backend by inheriting the IBackendLogHandler interface. If you choose to keep the default backend logger, there won’t be any modifications needed.

Backend logger interface

class IBackendLogHandler
	virtual ~IBackendLogHandler() {}
	IBackendLogHandler() {}
virtual void WriteLog(BackendLogSeverity severity, const char* message, size_t length) = 0;