Release notes



Released 01 Feb 2023
FeatureAdded support for debugging with Visual Studio Code
FeatureAdded text-anchor property for SVGs
FeatureAdded movementX and movementY for mouse events
FeatureUnityAdd a window in Unity editor warning for known issues with specific Unity versions
FeatureUnityC# Rendering backend support for Android with Vulkan
FeatureUnityC# Rendering backend support for MacOS
EnhancementAdded more meaningful debug logs for the lifetime events of images
EnhancementProvided a callback for whenever a user image is dropped before being used
EnhancementReduced draws in SVGs when duplicate paths are present
EnhancementEach view can be inspected by multiple inspector instances
EnhancementclassList add and remove work with more than one argument
FixFixed getBoundingClientRect for transformed elements.
FixFixed multiple sources in background-image delimited by whitespace being valid
FixAddress potential COM warnings related to XInput usage in samples
FixHidden elements are no longer redrawn.
FixFix threading issues when compositor is used
FixFixed parsing of font families in SetAdditionalFontFallbacks function caused by whitespace
FixFixed leaking frame rendering data of discarded frames when using the multi-threaded paint option
FixFixed disappearing styles in the inspector styles tab on declarations edit
FixUnityRemoved GLES2 and GLES3 dependency for iOS.
FixFixed data-bind-style-transform swapped second and third matrix values
FixFixed possible artifact when drawing a background with semi-transparent color and overlapping border radius.
FixFixed issues when appending multiple HTML, HEAD and BODY elements to a document
FixFixed a crash when destroying a view while tracing in the inspector.
FixStop tracing when the inspector frontend disconnects.
FixFixed out-of-the-box launching the Player application on newer Mac OS versions