Release notes



Released 05 Sep 2022
FeatureAdded new interface for logging performance hints
FeatureUnreal EngineAdded Live Reload option for different directories
EnhancementChanged custom css float param for the custom effects to an array. Maximum of 16 values
EnhancementAdded a new API for the compositor for notification when composition is created
EnhancementUnitySupport Android Vulkan native rendering
EnhancementMoved AGC Shader library from include to lib folder in the native packages
EnhancementCommand buffers are pooled now, instead of reallocated every frame
EnhancementAutomatic disabling of constant buffer optimization if custom shader mapping is used in the backends
FixFixed a crash when modifying the DOM of an inline SVG
FixFixed a hang when using canvases with ExecuteCommandProcessingWithLayout option enabled and a dedicated layout thread
FixFixed early closing of renderer frames when doing layout on the DOM thread that was causing leaks
FixFixed failing transitions when combined with CSS animations
FixFixed a failing assert when the inspector is attached to a page with pseudo elements
FixFixed flickering of SVGs when the SVG element is moved.
FixFixed a crash when switching render target with processing rendering commands on the layout thread enabled
FixFixed binding objects with BaseClass in the CoherentBind function
FixFixed eager wrapping of multiple words caused by improper layout cache invalidation
FixFixed a crash when there are two wrap RenderTarget commands
FixFixed possible wrong positioning of element when using the –rescaleFontSizeWithMatrixScale developer option
FixFixed crash in CPU workload flow when trying to draw an image that wasn’t loaded successfully
FixFixed a crash when more than 65k vertices are requested during patterns/gradient drawing
APIAdded API for controlling the command buffer pool size (see cohtml::InternalCaches::ICACHE_GfxCommandBuffers / ICACHE_GfxCommandProcessors)