Release notes



Released 06 Jul 2022
FeatureAdded View::TerminateScriptExecution to terminate long running scripts
EnhancementImproved the performance of the C++ character processing functions(tolower/toupper) in the internal code
EnhancementUpdated Nintendo Switch SDK to version 14
EnhancementSDF text with different size is now batched
EnhancementRenamed ICU libs with cohtml_ prefix
EnhancementUnityAdded support for binding long and ulong values
FixFixed wrong text direction with some RTL scripts
FixFixed preloading of unsupported formats in the instaload sample
FixReduced JS garbage memory from fired events
FixFixed hover not working for newly added elements styled by complex selectors
FixFixed incorrect layout when using flex subtrees with simple mode layout
FixFixed overlap of transparent borders when using border-radius
FixGuarded against drawing too small rectangles when using the inspector highlight, which could potentially trigger an assertion in the SDK
FixFixed possible excessive fullscreen draws to the stencil buffer when executing clipping commands
FixFixed load event not firing when using the same image as background and border or mask image
FixFixed load event firing before all images are loaded when using the same image source of an IMG tag as a background-image
FixFixed graphic artifacts when “transform-style: preserve-3d”” was missing between 3D transformed elements and elements with perspective”
FixUnreal EngineFixed hang when loading atlasses saved with previous version of the atlas medata
FixUnreal EngineFixed video decoding hang for console platforms in Unreal Engine 5