Release notes



Released 10 Jun 2022
FeatureAdded sample for using Google Protocol Buffers with data-binding
FeatureImplement custom property binding for protobuf::Message and protobuf::Field
FeatureAdded support to the Devtools to display the state of some internal caches
FeatureAdded support for GDK native rendering in Unity3D
FeatureUnreal EngineAdd delegate for controlling which properties are exposed with the automatic binding
EnhancementThe rendering library will automatically detect multithreaded usage and will set AllowMultithreadedCommandProcessing accordingly
EnhancementFixed iOS simulator by adding new metal shader library built specificly for simulator in the package. For Unity3D it’s embedded in the native plugin.
EnhancementThe CSS parser will try to continue parsing the stylesheet after encountering errors in rules and declarations
EnhancementIncreased the severity of CSS parsing errors
EnhancementAdded support for attributes on the HTML element
EnhancementEnable duplicate rendering command buffer checking by default. This saves the execution of potentially costly commands.
FixFixed possible artifact when a node is hidden with display:none without other layout changes
FixFixed crashes when parsing badly defined media queries
FixFixed broken layout when hiding and showing cohinline paragraph elements
FixFixed broken layout when using justify-content space-around with a single element
FixFixed a race condition when using XmlHTTPRequests with response headers and enabled inspector that might cause a crash
FixFixed an issue where styles won’t be applied to elements with transitions that have already been displayed once
FixFixed the artifacts when drawing repeated an image from a texture atlas
FixFixed incorrect generation of antialiased border geometry when drawing a gradient with perspective transformation
FixFixed the library from crashing the process when the UISystem::Unitialize has not been called
FixFixed transform-origin being reset to a default value when changing a style through the inspector
FixUnreal EngineFixed deadlock issue with accessing a texture resource TSoftObjectPtr on worker threads
FixFixed possible artifact when tessellating the same path at different scales
FixFixed incorrect generation of antialiased border geometry when drawing a gradient with perspective transformation
APIAdded means for destroying the user render target through the Scene’s DestroyRenderingResources method