Release notes



Released 18 May 2022
FeatureDevtools Add rendering trace markers
FeatureDevtools Add ability to record screenshots
FeatureDevtools Add support for tracking the creation, destruction, and count of GPU objects
FeatureDevtools Add support for tracking the GPU memory used by the rendering library
FeatureAdd custom CSS property coh-use-aa-geometry to enable control over AA of specific element. By default it’s enabled and it can be used for disabling AA of an element.
EnhancementDevtools The rendering trace events in the inspector’s performance tab now have information about the DOM node which was rendered
EnhancementAdd support for “background-repeat: round” for background SVGs larger than 1024px
FixAdd support for changing the Window origin on Nintendo Switch. Note that you need to use the –disableSimpleSublayers developer option for full support
FixFixed V8 freeing memory on small GC collections
FixFixed a regression in absolute element size calculation when width and height weren’t specified margins were ignored
FixFixed wrongly positioned absolute flex items with percents when parent element had margins
FixUnreal EngineFixed CohtmlHUD Material compatibility with Unreal Engine 4


Released 06 Jun 2022
EnhancementUpdate Sony PlayStation 5 SDK to 5.000
EnhancementUpdate Sony PlayStation 4 SDK to 9.500
EnhancementUpdate Game Development Kit to March 2022
FixFixed incorrect generation of anti-aliased border geometry when drawing a gradient with perspective transformation
FixFixed an issue where styles won’t be applied to elements with transitions that have already been displayed once

Migration guide

Changed API for ICustomEffectHandler

In order for the ICustomEffectHandler to work for all the platforms, data should be transferred for some rendering APIs between the backend and the handler implementation. For this reason, we’ve changed the OnDrawCustomEffect callback which now takes void as its second parameter. The data is filled in the corresponding backend’s function DrawCustomEffect. In the cases when the parameter is nullptr, that means that no data from the backend is required to execute the draw call.

There was another requirement for some rendering APIs, where the rendering pass should be finished when the constant buffers are updated. So, we’ve implemented another callback OnPrepareConstantBufferData which is called on platforms with specifics in the update of the constant buffers' GPU data. You can check ICustomEffectHandler’s definition in BaseBackend.h to read more about this callback. Also check the implementation of DrawCustomEffect in VulkanBackend.cpp.