Release notes



Released 03 Dec 2021
FeatureAdded CanvasRenderingContext2D.measureText
FeatureAdded sample a demonstrating how to use observable models feature
FeatureUnity3D Integrated audio playback with Unity3D audio system
FeatureEnhanced Inspector timeline to include events for matching elements
FeatureAdded initiators to the Inspector timeline that show the JavaScript code that invalidated styles and layout
FeatureAdd a way to receive the View and System when they are created for the CohtmlOverrides
FeatureAdd support for innerHTML and outerHTML getters
EnhancementEnhanced timeline events for RecordRendering, Layout, RecalculateStyles, BuildDOM to contain extra data
EnhancementUpdated the Inspector UI to the version used in Chromium 94
EnhancementAdded support for border-color: inherit
EnhancementImproved the Dynamically-typed object data binding documentation
EnhancementUnity3D Add logic to reassign LogHandler default log functionality
EnhancementUnity3D Exposed the low level rendering options to the plugin
EnhancementUnreal EngineOptimize memory tracking in Cohtml and CoherentRendering plugins
EnhancementSVGs used as background images with background-repeat mode set to “no-repeat” are now culled before reaching the GPU, netting a large performance improvement
FixFixed clip-path undefined behavior when CSS animations are present
FixFixed skipped custom element lifetime functions
FixFixed custom element lifetime callbacks not being called on synchronize models
FixFixed out-of-bounds memory access violation when using transform attribute with rotate value on SVG nodes
FixFixed not correctly scheduled canvas layout task which resulted in artifacts
FixFixed running transitions on elements with initially and dynamically hidden parents
FixFixed animations being activated on elements with initially hidden parent
FixFixed crash on certain iOS devices with complex regular expressions
FixFixed Inspector showing non-existing children after they were removed with removeAllChildren
FixFixed HTML preview in the Sources tab of the inspector when loading through HTTP
FixUnreal EngineFixed the loading of Streaming Textures that were looking blurry when not fully streamed
FixUnreal EngineFixed Resource loading of not yet fully initialized UTextures, that was sometimes resulting in crashes
FixUnreal EngineFixed a crash when loading UserImage with not yet initialized Texture Resource
FixUnreal EngineFixed HostLocation resolving when there is no slash (“/”) in the path
FixUnreal EngineFixed UE Editor viewport resize crash
FixUnreal EngineAdded ImageData width and height to ContentRect if a Texture doesn’t have an ImportedSize
FixFixed the calculation of the miter limit for SVG path elements (previously it could end up much larger than specified)
FixFixed possible issue when using mix-blend-mode (the blended area may be incorrect)
FixFixed percent units in SVGs