Release notes



Released 09 Nov 2020
FeatureAdded experimental generation of text atlases on GPU
EnhancementIncreased maximum allowed blur radius for blur effects from 24px to 95px.
EnhancementAdded PlayStation 5 CommonGame and samples
EnhancementAdded XboxSeriesX CommonGame and samples
EnhancementAdded XboxOneGDK CommonGame and samples
FixFixed Player failing to start in evaluation packages
FixFixed crash when updating and unregistering a model in the same SynchronizeModels
FixFixed keeping unresolved promises for calls without a C++ handler registered for the call
FixFixed crash when calling UnloadDocument explicitly before destroying a view or navigating to another URL
FixFixed ES6 modules crash and assert failure in Debug configuration
FixFixed parsing CSS stylesheets containing unsupported media queries
FixFixed evaluation of data-binding expression after unregistering and registering model for a second time
FixFixed ChakraCore crashes and possible memory leaks due to missing context
FixReduced video buffer size to reduce memory consumption
FixFixed performance regression of finished animations with fill mode forwards/both
FixFixed PlayStation 4 and XboxOne assembly definitions in Unity3D UPM package.
FixFixed using the inspector with Unity3D UPM packages
APICalls to without a C++ handler registered and no failure callback for the promise will trigger error messages