Release notes



Released 08 Feb 2019
FeatureAdded default rendering backend implementation for the Metal graphics API
FeatureAdded support for CSS Custom properties (variables)
FeatureAdded support for CSS “!important” rule
FeatureAdded support for multiple values in the CSS background-image property
FeatureAdded support for the CSS calc() function. Currently, mixing percentages with other value types is not supported.
FeatureSelection API for input and textarea
FeatureAdded support for CSS ::selection pseudo element
FeatureAdded support for CSS :root pseudo-class
FeatureAdded cache control API for clearing and setting sizes of caches
FeatureAdded JavaScript capturing event phase processing
EnhancementAdded support for the letter-spacing CSS property for inputs, buttons and textarea
EnhancementAdded default styles for input, button and textarea
EnhancementAdded text-align support for input, button and textarea
EnhancementImproved support for SVGs without viewBox
EnhancementCohtml.js can be used in a standard web browser. Significantly increases the compatibility of pages testing in web browsers.
EnhancementAdded samples for workflows based on WebPack and Redux
EnhancementAdd support for multiple data models in data-bind expressions
EnhancementUpgraded the JavaScript VM on Windows and Android to V8 6.9.427The Debug configuration now uses V8 build in Debug, so there will be more error checking at the cost of some performance
EnhancementReduced the count of dynamic TLS slots allocation for Nintendo Switch
EnhancementAdded support for Unreal Engine 4.21
EnhancementImplemented path stroking/filling with gradients in canvas elements
FixAdded CloneNode for CustomElements
FixFixed CustomElements' callback invocations (they weren’t always fired)
FixFixed canvas element resize behavior (canvas context state is now correctly reset)
FixAdded missing ICU library to the Nintendo Switch package
FixFixed animations' currentTime in Web Animations API (it was reported incorrectly when the animation is paused)
FixFixed crash on Nintendo Switch when not passing a custom log handler
APIInput elements no longer inherit the font related styles of their parents
APIAdded GPU debug metadata emission useful for graphics debugging.Enable with View::EmitRenderingMetadata and handle the BC_PushMetadata, BC_PopMetadata commands in your RendererBackend implementation.