Release notes


Version 1.48.0

Released 07 Dec 2023
FeatureUpdate Nintendo Switch SDK to 16.2
FeatureSupport PlayStation 4 SDK 11.000
FeatureSupport PlayStation 5 SDK 8.000
EnhancementImplemented a faster memory allocator for PlayStation 5 samples
EnhancementOptimized performance of SVG images used as border-image
EnhancementAdded support for more font weights - book, demi, etc
EnhancementProvide the Error object as reason forunhandledrejection events
EnhancementDocumented the lifetime of media resources used in video elements
EnhancementDocumented GIF image format support
EnhancementUnityRemoved the need for different libraries for the different scripting backends and .Net versions
EnhancementAdded support for flex longhand
FixFixed crash when the unhandledrejection event handler adds an error handler to the promise object
FixFixed incorrect size of compositor textures when border-radius is applied
FixFixed rendering discrepancies on GLES3 caused by floating precision problems
FixFixed unnecessary redrawing of the area of hidden elements that have a backdrop filter applied
FixFixed composited elements with display: none not invoking OnCompositionRemoved
FixFixed elements with custom effects with display: none not invoking OnCustomEffectRemoved
FixFixed leaking surface partitioning data for elements with display: none
FixFixed redrawing of nested compositions
FixFixed Player not opening on Mac due to missing CFBundleExecutable variable
FixEnsured the garbage collector is triggered often enough to collect video related memory
FixFixed a crash when the DOM is modified in the event handlers of mouse input events
FixFixed a crash when there is more than one event handler attached to an element
FixFixed a crash from improper use of GIF images as background images
FixFixed pseudo elements background disappearing after content is changed
FixUnityFixed repeating certain touch events when InputManager is used on mobile devices
FixFixed cases in which positioned elements caused incorrectly calculated scroll size
FixUnreal EngineFixed a crash when cancelling resource requests
FixUnreal EngineFixed Microsoft Windows and Xbox builds when unity builds are used
FixUnreal EngineFixed a crash when destroying the View Wrapper’s texture
FixUnreal EngineFixed Unreal Editor hang when using surface partitioning with UMG
FixUnreal EngineSkip issuing a warning for missing viewport if the game world is tearing down
FixUnreal EngineFixed a crash on GDK platforms when Unreal memory trace is enabled
APIUnityRemoved the .IL2CPP. variants of the Unity plugin libraries

Migration Guide

The cohtml.Net.IL2CPP.dll and all the IL2CPP variants of the native libraries of the Unity plugin have been removed. They can be removed from the project and should not be packaged in the game. The libraries without IL2CPP are to be used for all platforms and Unity scripting backends.