#include <Library.h>

Inherits from cohtml::LibraryParamsWithExternalRenderingLibrary, CommonRenderingLibraryParams

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IFileSystemReader *FileSystemReader
System reader used for loading local resources.

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IAllocator *Allocator
Memory allocator for all operations of the library. Must not be null.
IVirtualAllocator *VirtualAllocator
The Severity of the logging messages to show. Keep this to Info or more in Shipping builds. Excessive logging can hurt performance.
Logging::ILogHandler *LogHandler
Handler provided by the application that will receive all logging messages. If null, the default log handler will be used that prints in a local file.
Profile::IPerformanceHandler *PerformanceHandler
Handler provided by the application that will receive performance warning messages.
const char *WritableDirectory
Path to a writable directory. This is optional if you provide your own log handler.
Tells if the application will spawn a dedicated layout thread or the Layout will happen in the View::Advance method Doing Layout on a separate thread is recommended as it improves scalability and reduces time spent in the Main DOM thread. For more information please refer to the Documentation.
The internal memory allocator efficiently reuses already allocated memory, which enhances performance at the cost of some memory overhead. The internal memory allocator is enabled by default.
Enables an extension in the JS VM which exposes a global gc() function in the JS context that will try to force a full garbage collection. There is no guarantee that a GC will be performed or garbage will be collected.
Tells the runtime how man threads will be used during the Library lifetime for Resource work. The parameter is important for work balancing and especially for video playback. The video decoder will try to use as many threads (generating tasks) as there are hinted in this variable. Hinting MORE threads than the actual number that will be used will lead to undefined behaviour and most likely deadlocks in the video decoder. If uncertain about how many threads will execute Resource tasks, please set this to 1 - the default.
const char *SharedLibraryLocation
Sets where to look for the other shared libraries that CoHTML depends on Currently only usable on PS4. If set to nullptr, the working directory will be searched for module dependencies.
The Task System will notify through this callback when work is available. The tasks must be executed on a different thread.
void *OnWorkAvailableUserData
This pointer will be passed to the OnWorkAvailable callback and can be used to hold any data the user needs to give context to the function.
Platform-specific parameters.
const char *DefaultStyleFontFamily
Sets the default font family that will be used by all Elements in the Views. The default font style is analogous to setting the CSS property “font-family” of all elements to the value of this field.

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function LibraryParams

inline LibraryParams()

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variable FileSystemReader

IFileSystemReader * FileSystemReader;

System reader used for loading local resources.